Charisma Dog Grooming (formely South Hill Dog Grooming)

A style for every pet.

Welcome! Here at Charisma Dog Grooming I do my best to provide timely, stress-free and a happy experience for your dog in my care.

With over 6 years experience grooming personally that may seem a short while you will find I have TONS of experience with many breeds and styles for cutting your dog's hair all breeds & ages of dogs. Each pet & owner are different, I understand and do my best to fit each styling to the pet & owners needs. If you like it short, I can do that & if you like it long, I can do that as well...if your not sure I can help, just give me a call or send me a quick text.




Please arrive on time for your appointment as I largely work alone and my schedule for the day does not often allot much time for late arrivals. When you arrive late it can often throw your groomer's whole schedule off for the day and making for a late closing in which my appointments are missed as a consequence. Please value my time the way I value yours as I will be on time in the salon at 9 AM daily for scheduled appointments. A 15 minute grace period is given when possible in the event of lateness, I cannot guarantee this however as I am a VERY busy groomer so please be on time or call if you know you will arrive late. Late arrivals no call/no text are forfeit of their appointment but may be done if time allows.


There is nothing more disappointing than a client who doesn't show for their appointment and does not call to let me know. This is not only rude but unfair to other clients who may have wanted to have their pet groomed and have missed the opportunity to be served as that window of time closes waiting for a client who has no intention of showing, there is also a loss of income for your groomer who relies on her work and not an hourly wage to support her business. No call/no show clients may be asked to come in on a walk-in basis only or required to make payment before an appointment for repeat offenders.


Please be ready to pick up your pet no more than an hour after his/her groom is complete. This allows your pet to enjoy the rest of his day after his/groom (and you too!) Pets left for longer periods of time often soil themselves and must be rebathed (we are located on a busy street and cannot safely walk your pet while he/she is here) causing a hitch in our time management and will be charged a rebathing fee in the event of soiling themselves. Please walk them before arrival! Daycare fees apply for pets not picked up within the time window of completion.

Charisma Dog Grooming's greeters

The Brat Pack is always happy to meet new friends! Little Bear, Tiger, Boo, Draco, China and Khaleesi love all dogs and children and adults alike and usually say so loud and proud (bark! bark! bark!) Feel free to give us a pet or snuggle when you come by!

Draco, Tiger, Little Bear. Boo and Chinadoll Khaleesi

Walk-in & Additional Services

  • Nail trim W/ Complimentary ear cleaning (Walk-In service Available)
  • Dremel (nail filing) (Walk-In service Available)
  • Flea dip
  • De-shedding
  • Teeth brushing
  • Ear cleaning

Our Grooming Packages

  • Full grooming package includes: Ears (plucked & cleaned), Nails (Clipped), Glands (Expressed), Bath, full body Haircut or Trim up (Pants, Feathers, Belly & Chest), sanitary cut & pads of the feet cleared.

Full Grooming Packages start at $50.00** for a small dog under 15lbs; Shih-tzu, Pomeranian, Cavalier, Schnuazer, Maltese, Dachshund, etc.

Cost may increase based on pets size & breed.

**Some breed exclusions apply, please ask about the cost for your pet**

~Excessive matting may incur additional fees & will be assessed when dropping off for an appointment.

--Special handling fees may be added to difficult/aggressive pets

~The time it takes to groom each pet varies...Please ask for estimated time when bringing your pet in for grooming~


  • Bath Package includes: Ears (Cleaned), Nails (Clipped), Bath -- (No trimming or dematting is included)

For short hair breeds:

Small: Chihuahua, Boston terrier, Pug, Jack Russell, etc.

Medium: Beagle, Frenchie, Shiba Inu, Whippet, Lab,  etc.

Large: Lab, Akita, Dobermin, Boxer, Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Shepherd, etc. 

          20lbs & Under $40

          Up to 50lbs $50

          Up to 70lbs $60


         -- Pets over 70lbs require a little extra attention, please call for accurate pricing.

**For excessive shedding additional fees will be assessed at time of appointment.**

Past and Present Clients

**Each dog has been groomed to owners specifications.** Click to view photos

Before: Pomeranian teddy bear cut After: Pomeranian teddy bear cut Before: Terrier medium length clip (Suffers for skin disease non-contagious) After: Terrier medium length clip Before: Head Lhasa/Poodle X Before: Body Lhasa/Poodle X After: Body Lhasa/Poodle X After: Head Lhasa/Poodle X Before: Shih Tzu After: Shih Tzu Whoopsie! Mom cut his hair on his muzzle too short! Time for the groomer to fix it! Fixed it! BEFORE: Miniature Poodle Daisy Mae AFTER: Miniature Poodle Daisy Mae Before: Pomeranian/Shih Tzu X After: Pomeranian/Shih Tzu X Before: Lhasa/Dachshund X After: Lhasa/+Dachshund X

Discounts & Promotions


  • Coupons: FREE Teeth Brushing & Dremel (nail filing) for new clients With Full Grooming or Bath Package. Just mention you have seen our website.



Question: Do you groom cats?

We do not, grooming cats takes a different kind of personal touch and care and with how busy the salon can get  we feel it best we not expose a cat to such an environment. Besides I'm terribly allergic!

Question: I have a tiny little dog no more than 3 pounds and see you start your prices for small dog haircuts at $50.00, surely I can get a discount for her/him being so small?

I do not discount for tiny dogs, if anything they are much more difficult to groom than dogs 6 pounds and over, they tend to be in my experience VERY sweet but more nervous, more wriggly and most of our equipment is bigger than they are and requires a lot of special care and attention not to accidently harm them, on top of that a groomer cannot often hold them for their safety the way they hold the average sized dog for the very real fear of harming them, in fact some groomers charge extra for grooming tiny pets!


I made an appointment and didn't call or show up can I still schedule an appointment whenever I think I can maybe come?

​Depends. I have a very large clientele I strive to serve well and am very busy in the salon 97% of the time, I do not often welcome back those who choose not to honor their appointments as I have other clients waiting and can instead serve them. I will usually accept no call/no show offenders as walk-ins only when I have the time.